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Maeve Redmond, Sophie Dyer, Fiona Jardine

The Persistence of Type (vol. III)



The Persistence of Type (vol. III) is a distributed newspaper and ongoing collaborative project by Panel’s Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan, artist Fiona Jardine and graphic designers Maeve Redmond and Sophie Dyer. In two previous volumes, it has explored exchanges between graphic design, visual art, fiction and performance.

The third volume will be widely distributed across the city during Glasgow International, providing a platform for critical and creative writing around design within the context of the festival. It will work with variously connecting practitioners across disciplines, all with a direct affiliation to Glasgow.

The Persistence of Type III will be available at participating GI venues across the city, including The Good Press, Glasgow Women’s Library and The Old Hairdressers.

An associated events programme will take place at The Old Hairdressers – see website for details.

Supported by Glasgow International.

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