Glasgow international

Marion Ferguson, Jennifer Wicks, Belinda Gilbert Scott and Ruth Switalski

Between preservation and immanent decay


Responding to common research interests including landscape, liminality and materiality, these four artists seek to push the boundaries of medium specificity and interdisciplinarity through an ambitious use of four of the Laurieston Arches.

In a site-specific response to the location as a post-industrial, ‘post-purpose’ space, ‘Between preservation and immanent decay’ navigates the arches’ history as a railway site, through its transition from disuse to a place for cultural experimentation. The artists will transform the site into a highly considered, cohesive exhibition space.

Supported by WAVEparticle as part of the award-winning Laurieston Art Strategy: Open Spaces, and Creative Scotland.

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May
Daily 12pm-5pm
Thur and Sat, late opening until 7pm
or by appointment at other times


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