Sekai Machache, Thulani Rachia
These stories…

These stories occupy the site of Heritage Centre at House for an Art Lover is a twinned pair of solo exhibitions curated by Katherine Ka Yi Liu. The solos are The Divine Sky by Sekai Machache and Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo by Thulani Rachia.

Both exhibitions share an interest in quantum superposition – a state in which a particle or wave can exist in two positions in space simultaneously. As Africans who live in the diaspora, this state of being, of occupying multiple spaces, is fundamental to the experience of both artists. The exhibitions piece together fragments, histories and mythologies as a method of survival, resistance and healing. These stories are multi-dimensional and speak of shared and disparate perspectives from the African continent and its diaspora.


Supported by Glasgow International

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