Sekai Machache, Thulani Rachia
These stories…

These stories occupy the site of Heritage Centre at House for an Art Lover, is a two-person solo exhibition, curated by Katherine Ka Yi Liu. The solos are The Divine Sky by Sekai Machache and Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo by Thulani Rachia.

Quantum superposition is a state in which a particle or waves can exist in two positions in space simultaneously. 

As Africans who live in the diaspora, this state of being, of occupying multiple spaces is fundamental to our experience. This state of being here, there, now then, corporal transcendental.

We piece things together to make sense of the whole. These things, fragments, histories and mythologies become our stories – created as a form of resistance, through a conservation of our traditions, ideas and beliefs.

These stories are multi-dimensional and speak of shared and disparate perspectives from the continent and its diaspora.

Machache works with a wide range of media including but not exclusive to photography. Her photography often uses body paint and muted lighting to create theatrically staged images.

Rachia’s interdisciplinary practice integrates the fields of architecture, performance, and visual arts. Growing up in South Africa, his current inquiries explore the ways that body, site and history come together in the formation of culture and memory.

Supported by Glasgow International

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