Soufiane Ababri

Born in Morocco and now based in Paris, artist Soufiane Ababri works across a range of forms: from performance and drawing to sculpture and film. His work often critiques prescriptive gender roles, highlighting the legacies of oppressive colonial structures, specifically relating to racism and homophobia. Bedworks, for example, is a series of drawings that provides intimate portraits of queer life and challenges socially acceptable expressions of homoerotic intimacy.

Taking place at The Gardener’s Bothy at Studio Pavilion, within the flourishing spring greenery of the walled garden at House for an Art Lover, Sub! is a confrontation of the intimate with the social world and what can be drawn from these situations. This is Ababri’s first solo exhibition in Scotland.

Curated by Myriam Mouflih

Supported by Glasgow International

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