Glasgow International

Festival 2016



Mitchell Library
North St
G3 7DN

North Street


Henderson began creating the work for this show during her recent one-month residency at Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath, as part of a joint Royal Over-seas League Residency 2015.

The exhibition will feature two large-scale sculptures, Garden Photographer Scarecrow and Body Fountain Fetch, which are extensions of past and present totems to seasonal change, pagan gods and goddesses, fairies and scarecrows.

Each work is imbued with a distinct personality and functions within the artist’s unique narrative. For example, Garden Photographer Scarecrow is a lofty body of plants, wood and fabric, who captures memories using a pinhole camera apparatus. While she stands she remembers; while she remembers she photographs; her nervous system is a system of flash-bulbs. These large-scale works will be accompanied by a series of soft costume sculptures representative of harvest, climate and moon phases.

Henderson is also debuting a new film, Seasons End, begun in the vibrant and hectic city of Istanbul and completed following her residency in Scotland.

Commissioned by Glasgow International in collaboration with the Royal Over-Seas League and the on-going ROSL Scholars international artist’s residency programme at Hospitalfield.

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