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Ulrike Ottinger

Still Moving: Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia, 1989


Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia is an extraordinary blend of fiction and ethnographic documentary. We follow a group of Westerners on the Trans-Siberian railway as they dine, converse and perform songs to entertain each other on the journey. This miscellaneous group are taken hostage by the fierce Mongolian princess Ulan Iga (Xu Re Huar), and spend a summer as captives in her nomadic tent village, where they learn rituals of hospitality and kinship. Delphine Seyrig (in her final film role) plays Lady Windermere, an ethnologist who also speaks Mongolian. Lady Windermere becomes the de facto leader of the women, and takes the young backpacker ‘Giovanna d’Arco’ (Inès Sastre) under her wing.

Presented in association with ‘Filming Ruins’, organised by Dr Dominic Paterson and supported by The Chancellor’s Fund,University of Glasgow.

£3-£4; Book via Eventbrite.

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Mon 30 April, 5-7.30pm

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