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Ulrike Ottinger

Still Moving: Freak Orlando, 1981


Freak Orlando, the second film in Ulrike Ottinger’s ‘Berlin Trilogy,’ is an extraordinary collision of images and stories. Bringing together references ranging from Tod Browning’s notorious 1932 film Freaks to Virginia Woolf’s gender-troubling, time-travelling Orlando (1928) and Goya’s etchings, the work reimagines world history as a parade of ugliness, animated by strange rituals. Berlin appears here as a post-apocalyptic backdrop, and marginalised bodies take centre stage in a reimagining of aesthetic and social norms. The cast includes Ottinger’s frequent collaborators Delphine Seyrig and Magdalena Montezuma, each playing multiple recurring characters.

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Fri 27 April, 5-7.30pm

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