Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Market Gallery

Three individual images positioned vertically. The top image show a white walls with a lamp, a shelf and a door. The centre image has a grainy texture and shows a bedroom space, and the bottom image focusses on a shelf unit which contains clothing, books, and toiletries.
A bedroom space with white walls filled with a bed, a computer chair and storage furniture. On the floors sits open books and cables.
A room with white walls and floors and large windows with natural light streaming in. At the centre of the room is an art installation of a home space featuring a storage furniture and a partially obscured armchair.
A room large room with wooden floors. In the centre is a large screen with a black speaker on either side. On the screen is an image of a bedroom partially submerged under water.

Market Gallery is a contemporary artist-run space based in Glasgow’s East End which has been run by a rolling committee since it was established in 2000. The committee is made up of emerging artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. Market Gallery platforms and supports work by emerging artists that disrupts, renews, questions, emancipates and celebrates experimentation, through a programme that facilitates restorative and non-didactic forms of pedagogy in Scotland and beyond.


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    Where I'm calling from
    A bedroom which is partially submerged under water. Items including shoes, and a bicycle helmet float on the surface of the water.