Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Street Level Photoworks

A view of a gallery showing six large format framed photographs of collage works showing a mixture of landscapes and African sculptures
blurred image of a woman in a gallery looking at very large framed portraits of black women.
View in a gallery with 3 images on the walls of colourful framed photographs of Black creative women dressed as muses from Greek tradition, meant to celebrate the cultural accomplishments of Black women
Woman brightly smiling in bar wearing diamond patterned sweater. There are many photography on the walls in the background which is out of focus
Large format Polaroid self-portrait of a striking looking woman with black short hard, black blouse and necklace
film still of a hand with a double exposure of a snow landscape in the backgroup
image from exhibition of object on wall of blue landscape of trees and snow
exhibition image of randomly shaped object on wall with a white spotlight surrounded by a red glow
film still of ariel shot image of snow landscape with digitally distorted trees
microscopic image of lichen

Street Level Photoworks is a photography centre in Glasgow, which has a year-round programme of exhibitions and engagement activities in its home venue in Trongate 103 and through a network of local, regional and international partnerships. It develops and delivers a diverse programme of community collaborations, which recently has included various participatory arts projects in Govanhill and the Gorbals shaped by local people through the national Culture Collective programme. Street Level manages the Photography Networks in Scotland platform and is a member of Scotland’s Workshops, a network of artists’ production centres in Scotland.