Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

The Maryhill Integration Network Art Group

Beauty Osayomwanbor Nosa, Ehsan Samei, Inna Hordiiko, Maliheh Soleymani, Mehri Abdi, Rabia Waseem, Rezvan Faghani, Sara Abdelnasser, Shahid Mahmood, Sadaf Syeda, Tanisha Sarkar, Tara Gomary, Tomilola Owolabi, Valentina Vodolazska, Valentyna Dolottseva, and Yamam Salman are part of the Art Group of the Maryhill Integration Network, a creative space for people seeking asylum and refugees in Glasgow. Weekly sessions, led by artists Paria Goodarzi and Mousa AlNana since 2021, provide a platform for participants interested in developing skills and accessing creative opportunities by engaging with the local cultural landscape. This forms part of a process of social integration, enabling them to express and incorporate their individual voices, heritage and lived histories into new collective artworks.