Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

The Modern Institute

A painting of a black Labrador Retriever lying on an irregular grey stone patio under a palm tree. The scene is strongly backlit by bright light. An empty black garden chair and a field or beach populated sparsely with vegetation is visible beyond the palm leaves.
A painting showing a scene at dusk. The sun is low in the deep blue sky and illuminates the side of a brown stone wall. In the foreground is a low lying patch of grasses which fringe a short grey staircase or pathway leading up to the wall.
A painting of seascape. The water is elegantly patterned with small ripples in blue hues, transitioning from a darker colour in the foreground to a light turquoise at the horizon. The horizon line cuts through the centre of the image, and a bright gently gradated blue sky occupies the top half of the image.]
A painting of a close-up of a bright flowerhead shining against a black background. The stem protrudes in from the left of the painting, and the various green anthers emerge from this amongst a base of brown leaves.
A painting of the edge of a forest. Tall trees of various luscious green hues reach up towards a bright blue sky. Small sections of sky are visible through the foliage. In the foreground, a red dirt path skirts the edge of the trees and leads the eye off the left-hand side of the canvas.
A black and white photograph of figures in the New York subway
A photograph showing a wall painting of a repeating pattern of black six-pointed stars on a curved white ceiling. The stars diminish in scale from the top of the image to the bottom as the room recedes
A close-up of a complex geometric pattern composed of various triangles which come together to form hexagons, rendered in gold leaf on a plain grey concrete ceiling.
A black and white photograph showing the outline of a six-pointed star being painted in black on a white ceiling. The artist’s hand is visible in the foreground of the image and the bristles of his brush are gently compressed against the ceiling.
An open blue door in a small arched alcove opens onto a curved room. The white walls are painted with a repeating pattern of curved black triangles. Outside this door a garden is just visible along with a black cast iron railing. Sunlight streams through the door and from a window above it.
A photograph of a ceiling replete with an ornate circular alcove bordered with golden floral-styled cornicing. In the centre there is a symmetrical design in gold leaf. The shapes that make up the pattern resemble abstract flowers or avian forms.

The Modern Institute was founded in Glasgow in 1997. The gallery works with 58 internationally established and emerging artists, including Martin Boyce, Anne Collier, Urs Fischer, Jim Lambie, Nicolas Party, Simon Starling, Alberta Whittle, Cathy Wilkes and Richard Wright. The Modern Institute hosts a yearly programme across its two spaces in Glasgow and publishes a variety of artists' books and monographs. The gallery also curates both public and private shows worldwide, as well as participating in major art fairs.