Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Corpores Infames: Disreputable Bodies

A photograph showing a sun-bleached greyish lambs skull against a white wall. On the top of the forehead of the skull, in bright fluorescent pink paint, an egg with its shadow behind it has been painted.
a close up of a person performing in front of a green hill with an old stone building on top. He is covered with a muddy mixture, wearing a pink neckerchief with a bare chest. His head is tilted, his eyes are closed and he looks blissful. There are two people watching him in the background.
An oval ceramic plate on a white wall. The ceramic is a tan brown colour with an inky black drawing of a monk bending over a stone dolman in prayer. In front there are two crutches in the grass, crossed over each other. Above, some clouds and a round moon are visible.
Dates and Opening times

Thu 20 June, 6pm – 10pm


Lenzie Moss
East Dunbartonshire
G66 4DB

Presented by

Rabindranth X Bhose, Belladonna Paloma & Oren Shoesmith

Supported by

Supported by Glasgow International with funds from the Scottish Government’s Festivals EXPO Fund. With special thanks to East Dunbartonshire Council.


Limited Access: Wheelchair accessible bog with a boardwalk

Corpores Infames: Disreputable Bodies is a performance playing with the connections between trans bodies, boglands and the ancient Celtic rituals honouring them. Emerging from the research of three artists living across Glasgow and the Shetland Islands with a shared devotion to wetlands, this solstice ritual performance explores what boglands can teach us about commitment to deep time and resistance to the tyranny of productivity. Belladonna Paloma, Oren Shoesmith, and Rabindranath X Bhose will lead audience members on a walk through Lenzie Moss, a peatland north of Glasgow. During the walk, visitors will witness a boggy dance inspired by ancient rituals to mark the season’s change. 

Tacitus called the preserved bodies found in bogs ‘corpores infames’, or ‘disreputable bodies’, referencing his belief that they were killed and buried by Celtic tribes for their homosexuality. The work reclaims this derogatory moniker and finds its reparative power, considering trans people as the ‘disreputable bodies’ of our current moment. Corpores Infames: Disreputable Bodies expands the idea of disreputable bog bodies to the bog as a whole ecosystem, as well as to trans bodies, proving both are resistant to capitalist frameworks.

Tickets for the free bus which will travel from 5 Florence Street to Lenzie Moss are now sold out. There is also the option to take the train to Lenzie Station and walk to Lenzie Moss from the station. The distance is approximately 100m.

Please note the performance is ticketed, and tickets can be booked in the grey box to the left of this page.