Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Glasgow International 2024 Visual Identity

The visual identity of this booklet and the wider festival forms part of a project by artist Matthew Arthur Williams and graphic designer Maeve Redmond, commissioned by Glasgow International 2024. The project results from their research into social and material histories of Glasgow’s environment and architecture. Through Matthew’s photographic practice, together they have produced layered images of the city that reflect the festival as a series of relations, durations, and works in progress.

The visual identity for the festival spans designs for print and screen. Matthew and Maeve's research began in the Mitchell Library and it considers a wide range of pictorial material. This material, which relates to Glasgow's industrial and architectural history, informs the images and typographic choices.

This typeface, Catalogue, is a contemporary version of a 1858 design by Alexander Phemister for the Scottish foundry Miller & Richard. The stencil type, Maxeville Construct, was chosen to refer to the city’s industrial past. The decorative Regina-Cursiv is a late Victorian era typeface found on a book cover in the Mitchell Library.