Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective with Nakul Krishnamurthy

Dates and Opening times

Fri 21 June, 5pm


5 Florence Street
G5 0YX

Presented by

Glasgow International, Counterflows Festival and Infrastructure Humanities Group at University of Glasgow


Good Access: The venue has ramped or level access and/or lifts to access upper floors

Toilets: Accessible Toilet

On the final weekend of Glasgow International, the festival presents two events with Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective framed around the politics and possibilities of sound. Developed in collaboration with Counterflows Festival and the University of Glasgow's Infrastructure Humanities Group, these events are loosely inspired by the idea of sonic infrastructuring – a way to reimagine the social, physical, and technical infrastructures that enable and disable our daily lives as a site of alternate relation and politics.

In the first of this two-part programme, Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective will converse with and respond to a performance by Glasgow-based artist Nakul Krishnamurthy.

With members based in different countries, Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective meet irregularly to play music and talk about what they hear, working through the acoustics of social forms and how the sonic is instrumental in providing sites of theorization. The collective includes thinkers such as Fred Moten, Stefano Harney, Dhanveer Brar Singh, Fumi Okiji, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Louis Moreno, Paul Rekret and Edward George.

Nakul Krishnamurthy is an Indian artist who works with Indian Classical music and explores new ways of conceiving it at the intersection of Western Classical, experimental and electronic music traditions. Using procedural approaches to composition and electronic music making techniques, his work experiments with and attempts to reconfigure the structural foundations of Carnatic and Hindustani music to generate new interpretations of the artforms.