Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

Listening Workshop with Riah Naief

black line drawing of a cochlea, with pink and blue gradient background
Dates and Opening times

Mon 10 June, 2pm


5 Florence Street
G5 0YX

Presented by

Glasgow International and Listen Gallery


Good Access: The venue has ramped or level access and/or lifts to access upper floors

Toilets: Accessible Toilet

Inside Listening is a workshop which layers hertz and ambient frequencies with a guided meditation to support the mind and body into relaxation. All mobilities are welcome.

In a world where seeing dominates, this workshop is designed to recalibrate the senses to listening. Through listening, listeners are open and receptive and have no intentions. Listening does not seek out a result but raises the awareness of the listener as they discover and explore sounds within them and their environment. The practice of listening can deepen our understanding and appreciation of how different cultures and societies communicate. In this workshop, participants will practice some techniques designed to bring our attention to the internal and external frequencies we experience.

Riah Naief is a sound artist and runs Listen Gallery, a sound arts gallery and communal listening space in Glasgow. The theory and practice of listening is at the root of their practice. Sonic experimentation within the cultural sector is growing, evolving, and adapting in response to interaction and participation, Listen Gallery offers the context for this exploration to continue. Sound arts thus become an access point for listening as an activity, in which a shared process of education allows people to discover personal, artistic and scientific insights. Listening becomes a revolutionary act, a way to shape and change behaviours and society.