Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art
A black ink drawing of a crowd of people on a white, torn-out sketchbook page. Most of the figures are pictured from the neck or shoulders up and have cartoonish, exaggerated features. They are rendered in scratchy pen lines with cross-hatched shading or no shading at all. The figures are densely packed together with some emerging out of an indistinct shadowy backdrop
suspended on a curved wire frame hung from ceiling knitted cardigans with extra long arms, in a room with wooden flooring, fireplace, wooden sash windows and dark green walls
A coloured pencil drawing depicting a woman with curly hair and a green dress. In her hand she holds a wine glass which is spilling red liquid. Over her left shoulder a swan with teeth bites a lock of her hair.
Dates and Opening times

Fri 7 – Sun 23 June

Tue – Sun, 12pm – 6pm


The Pipe Factory
42 Bain Street
G40 2LA

Presented by

Emelia Kerr Beale, Suds McKenna, Josie Perry & Jonny Walker

Supported by

Glasgow International with funds from the Scottish Government’s Festivals EXPO Fund


Good access: The venue has ramped or level access.

Accessible Toilets: The venue has a wheelchair-accessible toilet.


Where a Castle Meets the Sky brings together a new body of work by artists Emelia Kerr Beale, Suds McKenna, Josie Perry, and Jonny Walker. Spanning drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation, the exhibition engages expansively with figuration. Some of the works use autobiography and self-mythologisation to explore what it feels like to be in a sick body, and the edges and expansions of bodies during queer intimacy. Others represent moments of queer sociality – evoking the joy of crowds and community gatherings – and some have been produced as part of collaborative projects involving comics and other fictional frameworks.