David Dale Gallery and Studios 2021
161 Broad Street
G40 2QR
11 – 27 June 2021
Mon – Sun, 10am – 6pm

David Dale Gallery and Studios is a not-for-profit contemporary art space in Bridgeton, in the east end of Glasgow. Established in 2009, David Dale Gallery and Studios consists of twelve studio spaces, with a community of up to eighteen practicing artists, as well as a gallery that commissions and programmes new work, projects and events by early-career international and UK-based artists and curators.

Artists who have shown at David Dale Gallery include Hardeep Pandhal, Ciara Phillips, Morgan Quaintance and Kate V Robertson.

The gallery takes its name from its building, where it has been located since 2012, the previous location of the David Dale College. The College was named after the eighteenth-century Scottish industrialist David Dale. Dale built his fortune on cotton, grown on plantations worked by enslaved people in the United States, South America and the West Indies, and the processed in the mills at New Lanark.

Dale, who was considered a philanthropist, became a vocal advocate for the abolition of slavery, and he was appointed chair of The Glasgow Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade when it was established in 1791.

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