Your visit

Getting around

We encourage exploration on foot, by bike or by public transport wherever possible. Glasgow International is a member of the Green Arts Initiative, an interactive community of Scottish arts organisations working to reduce their environmental impact.

On Foot

Much of Glasgow is on a grid and it is a relatively easy city to navigate on foot. On the venue page of this site you can see a map of the exhibitions across the city. You can also pick up printed maps in all GI locations.

By Bike

Cycle around the festival! It is a quick, easy and fun way to see the city and there are increasing numbers of dedicated bike lanes on many of Glasgow’s roads.

You can rent bikes from the Next Bike stations around the city. Use  to download their app to your mobile.

By Subway

Many venues and projects are close by to local network stations. The SPT ‘Roundabout’ ticket gives one day unlimited travel by rail and Subway to over 110 stations in the Greater Glasgow area. These tickets can be purchased in person through ScotRail or SPT Travel Centres.

By Bus

First Bus Glasgow operates over 100 routes across the city. Discounts for travel are available, with a number of tickets allowing hop on/hop off travel. For bus timetables and route information you can download the First Bus App for your mobile. You can purchase tickets by contactless payment, or through the First Bus app.

By Train 

Travelling by train is one of the quickest, easiest and cost effective ways to get around Glasgow, with many stations near to key festival venues. Stations near to festival venues are marked on the Festival map. 

Please remember to carry a face mask with you for both exhibition entry and access to public transport.