Glasgow International 2020

Getting Around

Think green! Glasgow is easy and fun to explore on foot, by bike or by public transport. Glasgow International is a member of the Green Arts Initiative, a community of Scottish arts organisations working to reduce their environmental impact.

Each festival venue has a number, which you’ll see in the printed festival guide and in our exhibitions, events and venues sections. Our PDF map of Glasgow, including numbered venues, can help you find your way around.


On Foot

Glasgow is an easy city to navigate on foot. When viewing an exhibition or event on our site, click on the venue address to see it pinpointed on a map.


By Bike

Cycling is a quick, easy and fun way to see the city. There are dedicated bike lanes on many of Glasgow’s roads. You can also rent bikes from the nextbike stations around the city. Find out more about nextbike here.


By Subway

Many venues and projects are close to local stations. The SPT Roundabout ticket gives one-day unlimited travel by rail and Subway to over 110 stations in the Greater Glasgow area. These tickets can be bought at stations.


By Bus

First Bus Glasgow operates over 100 routes across the city. Discounts for travel are available, with a number of tickets allowing hop on/hop off travel. For bus timetables and route information, search for the First Bus App for both Android/iPhone. You can also buy tickets on the bus by contactless payment, or through the mTickets App.

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