David Sherry

David Sherry is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Common acts of social interaction and the resulting omnipresent etiquette are central themes in Sherry’s work. In his performances, Sherry provides an insight into the cultural codes and learned behaviours revealed in conversations, radio programmes, newspaper articles or banal incidents in the street. As an artist, Sherry also applies this enquiry to the way he engages with art. Sherry’s work provides another way of thinking about the inspirational philosophy often found in this type of exchange, peering into the laws of the social mesh, repelling an accepted discourse and embracing other forms of meaning common to us all. Sherry’s performance works prompt us to question our daily rituals just at the point when they become unnoticed.

Solo exhibitions

Solo exhibitions include: Golden Thread Gallery Belfast, Belfast International Festival (2019); Parallax Something, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow (2018); I see doors of opportunity where there are no doors, Civic Room, Glasgow (2017); One million years of Laughter, Summerhall, Edinburgh (2015); Maybe tomorrow or on the weekend, Outpost, Norwich (2015); Bad Faith, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2009).

Group exhibitions

Group exhibitions include: performance, Das Dritte Land, Kulturforum Berlin at the Korean Garden (2019); performance, Outskirts, Platform Glasgow (2019); Experimental Boredom, Lodge 222, Rotterdam (2019); performance commission, Independent Art Fair Brussels (2018); Play it again, Firstsite Colchester (2018). Website:

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