Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art


Gatherings are a series of events and activities taking place across the eighteen days of the festival that are free and open to all. This programme of workshops, talks and discussions provides opportunities to engage more deeply with points of exchange and recurring themes that exist across Glasgow International projects. They are also moments to come together with other festival visitors, participants and organisers around food, drink and conversation.

Gatherings features events that draw out three particular areas of concern within the festival programme: how land and space is used and governed; the act of listening as a social and political force; and the rituals, practices and forms of memory that define individual and collective identities. These currents within Glasgow International 2024 reveal the ways in which artists, organisers and cultural theorists today are thinking about art’s social role, its material associations with the world around us, and the ways in which we experience art individually and collectively.

In early May 2024, all Gatherings will be listed on this page and on the main Programme pages. All events will be free to attend, but space will be limited so booking ahead will be required.

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