Erica Eyres

Erica Eyres (b. 1980 in Winnipeg, Canada) lives and works in Glasgow, UK.  Through videos, drawings and sculptures, Eyres' work explores narrative fallacies that complicate the viewer's understanding of the author's subjective truth and problematizes the notion of the autobiographical. Frequently borrowing from the aesthetics of low-budget television, her videos centre around narratives based on her own family or people she has known and are re-told by exploiting elements of storytelling to create works of fiction that allude to the personal.    Eyres' drawings are based on archival images found in British fetish magazines from the 1970s and ‘80s. The drawings feature female figures who engage in such activities as nude wrestling, modelling latex fashion, and posing as dominatrices. Each image is selected for its’ uncanniness: for example, a model’s wandering gaze reveals her boredom. Through their rendering in black and white, these anonymous women are enlarged from their pages to become more detailed and life-like. This translation also re-presents the image with heightened emotional weight, as the densely layered graphite offers an intensity to the subject. Each woman is known only by their first name as stated by the work’s title, providing a (possibly false) clue towards their true identity.  

Solo shows include: Fascinated Witness, Korai Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (2019); Alone and I, Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow, UK (2017); Inflatable Head, for Plugin ICA Stages Bienniel, Winnipeg, Canada (2017).

Group Exhibitions Include: Mark-Making: Perspectives on Drawing, GOMA, Glasgow, UK (2019); The Laughable Enigma of Ordinary Life, Arquipelago Cenrto de Artes Contemporaneas, Azores (2018); A Seat at the Table, Gallery North, Northumbria University, Newcastle (2018).