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Urara Tsuchiya

Urara Tsuchiya (b. 1979 in Japan) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Urara Tsuchiya works mainly with performance, video, and live events, often incorporating soft sculpture, costumes, ceramics and home cooking. These function as props to set up an alternate environment for out of the ordinary behaviours to take place.

Solo shows include: ‘Urara Tsuchiya’, Trade Gallery, Nottingham (2017); ‘Room Service’, Union Pacific, London (2016) and ‘Connoisseurs world’, Queen’s Park Railway Club, Glasgow, Scotland (2015).

Group shows include: ‘Amazing girls/ its complicated’, Kevin Space, Vienna (2017); ‘Circus between Worlds’, Caledonian Church, (2016) and ‘Neopagan Witch Bitch’, Evenly Yard, London (2016).

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Charlotte Arnhold, Erica Eyres, Urara Tsuchiya and Ellis Luxemburg

Girlz Club


Girlz Club is a an aggressively feminine environment, created in 2015 in Hamburg by artist and musician Charlotte Arnhold. The gallery space will function as a utopian realm and an alternative reality where power lies within transformation, and where identities and aesthetics become fluid. For Glasgow International 2018, Arnhold has invited Erica Eyres, Urara Tsuchiya and Ellis Luxemburg to join her in producing an exhibition and series of events under the title Girlz Club 2018.

Supported by Canada House.

Fri 20 April – Sun 6 May
Mon – Fri, 11.30am-5.30pm
Sat – Sun, 12 noon-6pm

STASIS, Sgàire Wood, Urara Tsuchiya, James St Findlay, Lauren Hall, Winnie Herbstein, Jasleen Kaur, Vanessa Lim Shu Yi, Brendan McGuire, Paul McKee, Kate Morgan, Rosa Nussbaum, and Rosie Vohra

Social Event - Curated by Love Unlimited


Taking place in a public swimming pool, Social Event is a sculptural and performance-based event that’s immersive in the most literal sense. Performances will take place in and around the pool. Sculptures will be floating and submerged, with the audience viewing the work from within the water.

The artists respond to the public pool’s political history, the context of health and leisure, as well as issues concerning the body and gender by making diverse works which require activation through audience participation, both directly and through more subtle means.

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Free; booking required. To book please visit the Platform website.

Sat 21 April, Wed 25 April & Sat 28 April
For event times and tickets please visit the Platform website.

Dragon Palace Entertainment / Urara Tsuchiya and Richard Dodwell


Artists Urara Tsuchiya and Richard Dodwell present their debut fashion collection Dragon Palace Entertainment™️ above a fish shop in Glasgow.

Combining the stories of a Japanese porn film set at 38,000 feet with the ancient myth of Urashimako about a fisherman who is rewarded for rescuing a turtle by being carried on its back to the Dragon Palace (Ryūgū-jō), the collection comprises elements of both artists’ practices including, but not limited to, trash collecting, hosting, ceramics, modelling, the seaside, plane disasters and storytelling.

Event includes fashion show, relaxing undersea experience and other surprises.

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Fri 27 April, 8pm-11pm

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