Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art


In an empty swimming pool. There are eight artworks, printed on inflated boxes. A sculpture of two men kissing. On its left is a large inflated box with the image of a flower. In the centre is a woman in a leopard jumpsuit printed on a giant inflated piece in the same shape. Behind it, multicoloured cube with the words LOVE. On the left, the shape of a wrench. Behind it, a sculpture of two women in an embrace. Lastly, one with a picture of a mouth with a tongue sticking out.
The image of a satellite can be seen printed on polyester foil panels, behind which there is another wall of polyester foil panels with a printed coat. It is hanging from a clothes hanger. Behind the coat, there is another wall of polyester foil panels on which you can see the printed legs of a robot. In a dark room, there is a large projector screen placed in the centre. This screen shows the image of a wall on the side and pipes spread out throughout the area. There are some orange translucent work like objects, made of hay like material, placed on various parts of the image. The walls on the sides of the screen have some screens hanging on them, but they are barely visible due to the darkness.

About the Festival

Glasgow International 2014 took place from 4th - 21st April 2014.

Glasgow International is now in its sixth edition. Whilst a relatively young festival, it has quickly become an intrinsic part of Glasgow's cultural programme and symbol of the city's enduring status as a fertile place for the production of contemporary visual art and its enjoyment by visitors from around the corner and around the world. 

Glasgow International, as the organising body, curates a number of significant exhibitions under the Director's Programme. For the first time this element of the programme is presented in Glasgow's major art spaces, as well as venues rarely used for the presentation of visual art. These include the McLellan Galleries, a wonderful Victorian museum building currently not in use, and an installation in the extraordinary Edwardian Baroque and community-led Govanhill Baths. The Director's Programme includes Aleksandra Domanić and Sue Tompkins at the Gallery of Modern Art; Hudinilson Jr, Charlotte Prodger, Avery Singer and Jordon Wolfson at the McLellan Galleries; Michael Smith and Bedwyr Williams at Tramway; Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne at Govanhill Baths; and Simon Martin at Kelvingrove. 

Also, importantly, the festival's 70-plus exhibitions, events and talks can only take place with the participation and support of organisations throughout the city, from commercial galleries, to artist-led spaces, museums and studios. The festival is diverse, revelatory and challenging and exists to cross the boundaries of local and international, both in terms of the artists showing and the audiences who visit. 

Sarah McCrory, Director