Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

David Dale Gallery

Three individual images positioned vertically. The top image show a white walls with a lamp, a shelf and a door. The centre image has a grainy texture and shows a bedroom space, and the bottom image focusses on a shelf unit which contains clothing, books, and toiletries.
A bedroom space with white walls filled with a bed, a computer chair and storage furniture. On the floors sits open books and cables.
A bedroom which is partially submerged under water. Items including shoes, and a bicycle helmet float on the surface of the water.
A room with white walls and floors and large windows with natural light streaming in. At the centre of the room is an art installation of a home space featuring a storage furniture and a partially obscured armchair.
A room large room with wooden floors. In the centre is a large screen with a black speaker on either side. On the screen is an image of a bedroom partially submerged under water.

David Dale Gallery & Studios is a non-profit contemporary visual art space based in the East End of Glasgow. Established in 2010, the organisation is centred around the promotion of pioneering contemporary art through the commissioning, programming and support of new work by early career international and Scotland-based artists within an exhibition context, both from our base in the East End of Glasgow and through presenting exhibitions internationally. Additionally, the organisation supports artists and engages audiences through workshops, performance events, film screenings, artist residencies, publications and our other core role of providing affordable artist studios to early career Glasgow-based artists.