Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art
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This project takes the form of ongoing collective research by a group of artists. For up to date information on future public aspects of this project, check back here. 

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Supported by Glasgow International with funds from the Scottish Government’s Festivals EXPO Fund

All Walls Will Fall is a practice-based research project, inspired by the Palestinian Resistance, exploring the possibilities of radical education as a form of liberation. Focussing on ways in which imperialist, racist, classist, and patriarchal educational models can be unlearnt, All Walls Will Fall begins with a set of questions formed out of youth-led resistance movements in Palestine, and moves to explore these through experimental, artistic, and discursive ways of researching. It asks: What can we learn from the Palestinian cultural resistance movement? What are children and young people in Palestine teaching us about justice, love, solidarity, humanity, and freedom? How are art and culture related to liberation?