Cabbage is a nomadic curated platform for artists working in moving image, performance, publication and pretty much anything else! Based in Glasgow, Cabbage programmes regular events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Themes often appearing in Cabbage programmes include pop culture, depravity, fiction and larger-than-life personae, presented in accessible, caring and sometimes humorous ways. Cabbage works with many artists more than once, building a continued level of support and ‘Cabbage community’. Creating a supportive and collaborative environment is vital for the platform, and there is an ongoing aim to test out different ways curation and event making can provide sustainable support for artists. Cabbage is committed to always paying artists, and prioritises platforming marginalised and under-represented individuals within the arts.

Previous projects have been supported by Glasgow International, GoMA, David Dale Gallery & Studios, CCA, Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema, Queen's Park Railway Club, Mount Florida Gallery & Studios and Creative Scotland.

Cabbage is the mind baby of artist and event-maker Jenny Tipton, and projects are often the result of ongoing conversations and collaborations with other artists.

Instagram: @cabbage.arts


Events & performances