Adam Christensen, SAGG Napoli, Jeanne Tullen, Nora Turato
Too Much (too little, too late)

Too Much (too little, too late) is a group show that features works by Adam Christensen, SAGG Napoli, Jeanne Tullen and Nora Turato.

Originally conceived as a live platform activated by a series of performances to question the patriarchal representation of bodies, Too Much has been reimagined in light of the pandemic, adopting the subtitle too little, too late from the acclaimed song by Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams (1977).

Embracing the artists’ travel difficulties as an opportunity, the project unfolds their need for proximity through interventions in which the works become performative bodies unravelled in programmatic languages, physical disciplines, technological dematerialisation and gentle textile refigurations.

Curator: Giulia Gregnanin, Understate Projects Ltd.

Creative producer: Sarah L. Smith

Venue partner: Urban Office

Sponsors: Resonance Capital, Michael Murphy and Bal Kalirai

Supported by Glasgow International