Kate Davis, Charlie Hammond, Hayley Tompkins
Termite Tapeworm Fungus Moss

Termite Tapeworm Fungus Moss brings together new work by three Glasgow-based artists – Kate Davis, Charlie Hammond, and Hayley Tompkins – in order to explore their shared interest in the commonplace.

Although working across a diverse range of media, these artists each begin with what is close at hand. Their practices are enmeshed with their everyday lives and they share a desire to examine, unpick and re-imagine the minutiae of their daily experiences. Questioning personal and economic value systems, Davis’ artwork frequently re-evaluates voices and moments customarily marginalised by the art historical canon; Hammond often makes paintings that employ themes of domestic labour, work and include familiar objects (newspapers, pot plants, taps and fungi); and Tompkins combines paint, photography, furniture and film to evoke feelings of joy in sensory experience.

Supported by Glasgow International